New Pictures Added! How to See the Current Progress of the Tiny House RV

Check out the new addition to our home page! Scroll down to see an invitation “To see our current progress click here” that links to the new pictures. You’ll be able to follow the current progress of the Tiny House RV (THRV).

You’ll see we’re currently installing the electrical system. The system will be powered by twelve 260-watt solar panels. The panels will produce 3.1 kilowatts per hour in direct sunlight. On cloudy days the system can be powered by our generator or an outside power source such as RV park plug-in.

The solar panels feed into a 20 kilowatt battery bank consisting of eight L16RE (Renewable Energy) Trojan fork lift batteries weighing approximately 118 pounds each.  These batteries run into an inverter which converts the 48 volts of battery power to 120 volts AC. The inverter connects to the electrical box containing six 15-amp circuit breakers.

The whole system is wired for AC only and features 16 can LED lights, including one 3-way can light with two switches going from the living area to the bedroom. Other features are nine 2-way switches and 25 outlets.

The system contains over 500 feet of wire spread over 6 circuits: one for the air conditioner, one for dishwasher, one for the washing machine, and three other circuits for lights in the various areas.

We figure our usage should be 3-5 kilowatts per day. The solar panels will produce a minimum of 12 kilowatts per day. Our air conditioner will use 1 kilowatt per hour when in use, and the refrigerator will use 1 kilowatt per day. All other appliances will use less than 1 kilowatt per day.

To minimize electrical consumption, our tankless water heater, dryer, stove and heating unit are all gas. The gas lines will be run last. The electrical system should be inspected this week for insurance purposes. Then we’ll turn our attention to the plumbing system.

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