The Beast…or the Pickup for Our Tiny House RV

We recently bought The Beast –the pickup that will be pulling the THRV. It’s a 2017 Ford F250 with a 4.30 electronic locking axle. This axle gives us the lower gear ratio we need for pulling the Tiny House RV (THRV). The downside is we’ll get worse gas mileage with this axle.

We went with the 2017 model because Ford upped the towing capacity to 14,000 pounds in 2017. The only used model with this much towing capacity would have been the F350 Dually. Since the prices on both were identical, we decided on the 2017 model to get the new vehicle warranty.

To keep costs down we have a regular single cab. Once we discovered the doorsills were at hip height, Charlie immediately ordered a step for each door. I had considered approaching the open door at a dead run and leaping into the truck but was afraid I might land in the ER trying that!

Blue jeans metallic paint, new for 2017, graces the exterior. Inside is a partitioned gray cloth bench seat.

In addition to the beefier rear axle, the truck has a 6.2 liter V-8 engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Assuming we keep the THRV’s weight under 12,000 pounds, we should be able to pull it up most grades.

Speaking of weight, one of the first trips the pickup and THRV will make is to the local dump where we can weigh the THRV. We’ve now enclosed the THRV but the interior hasn’t been started. Perfect time to discover how much leeway we have in terms of weight.

The truck also has telescoping mirrors, a must for towing anything, but especially important when towing something as large as the THRV. Rear view mirrors won’t work with the THRV on behind! We’re also adding cameras and backup sensor on the THRV to aid in maneuvering.

One negative we’ve noted: the truck rides like…well, like a truck. Friends have said the ride will change once we’re towing the THRV. I certainly hope so.

It looks like we’ll probably put a shell over the truck bed so Charlie can get his Yamaha 950 motorcycle inside. We’ll also put our bicycles in there. We’ll need easy and convenient transportation given the immense size of The Beast and its large turning radius.

Our budget of $35,000 – $40,000 does not include the $31,000 we paid for this truck. Right now it’s financed, but we intend to pay it off before leaving.

We learned when we lived aboard our 43’ catamaran for 6 years you can’t travel like this unless you’re debt free. Too many other expenses crop up.

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